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As promised… I finally got all the clicking in Cisco Feature Navigator done, and the web page formatted. This post is a shortie, just to let you know the data is there, and give you the big picture. Next post, I’ll detail some conclusions about good combinations of router model, IOS version, and feature set.

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How to Get to the Updated Page

First, here’s the link:


To navigate there, start at www.certskills.com. Then from the title bar, click: LabGear, CCNA, and Router IOS Features. That’s it!

What’s on the Page?

The web page has a bunch of tables, just like the old version. Each table lists:

  • A set of either ICND1 or ICND2 features on the left
  • A bunch of numbers on top, which refer to…
  • A numbered list of combinations of IOS versions and feature sets and router models
  • The tables also list the exact phrasing of the Cisco Feature Navigator text I looked for when researching the tables (to help overcome the difficulty in finding things in feature navigator)

Example of How to Use the Info

So, let’s say you decided from the earlier posts in this series that you wanted to go for running some 15.x version. You can look at the page, and see the table for ICND2 features, for seven different IOS feature sets, at version 15.1M, as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1: ICND2 Features Table from the Web Page

From the table, you can see that columns 3 and 4 appear to support the most ICND2 features.  Some of the other columns support some, but not all, of the ICND2 features. So, when you search out a certain model of router, plus version, don’t forget to also look for the feature set that supports all the CCNA features. (Remember, the web page has lists that correspond to the headings in the table, to identify the specific IOS version, feature set, and router model.)

Enjoy! I’ll do some analysis next post.

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