Welcome to the Improved CCNA Blog

For the last seven years, I’ve kept two blogs about CCNA content: The CCENT blog and CCNA blog. Keeping two blogs has had pros and cons, but I’ve always wondered if one blog would be better. Now’s the time! We’ve revamped the blogs into a single blog:

All CCNA Content Together! We merged the content from both blogs into the new CCNA blog.

New URL:  blog.certskills.com

Separate Per-Book Book Menus! The new blog menu begins with a multilevel menu for each book (ICND1 and ICND2.)

QA and Hands-on Menus Merged  The Hands-on and QA menus now show all types of blog posts from both original blogs.

Resubscription May be Required  If you had subscribed before, and don’t see subscription notices, just re-subscribe from any page in the blog.

I hope this new organization works well for you!

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Latest Series: Cert Guide Packet Tracer Labs

One way to practice commands is to re-create the scenarios used in the Official Cert Guides, and Packet Tracer can work well to re-create the lab topology and configuration. This new series shows how as well as providing Packet Tracer files and tips on the more challenging examples from the books.

Recent Posts

Static IP Routing: Cert Guide PT Labs ICND1 Chapter 18

Labs really do help, and labbing what you saw in book examples can even help. Do the labs, and then try and explore beyond the book. Today's post launches from

IP Addressing: Cert Guide PT Labs for ICND1 Chapter 17

Today's post moves into IPv4 routing and addressing with the ICND1 100-105 Official Cert Guide Chapter 17. As with the other recent posts, this post details some Packet Tracer (PT)

Troubleshooting LANs: Cert Guide Packet Tracer Labs ICND1 Chapter 12

Time to practice! Many people practice by reviewing and doing the examples in a book. Today’s post details some tools to help you Review, Rinse, and Repeat the examples in

VLANs and Trunking: Cert Guide Packet Tracer Labs ICND1 Chapter 11

Don’t just read about networking! Practice it! Many people practice by reviewing and doing the examples in a book. Today’s post details the Examples in the ICND1 100-105 Official Cert

Book Examples and Packet Tracer File Types

Using the Cisco Press CCNA books? Then you may want to use the Packet Tracer .pkt files that we’ve built to match the examples in the books. Check out the

Introducing: Cert Guide Packet Tracer Labs

During all these years of authoring the official Cisco CCNA Cert Guide (21 years  – wow!), I've added more and more active learning exercises to use with each chapter.  However,


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