IPv6 Shrinker 1 – Answers

By certskills April 1, 2017 10:52

Use this practice drill for #ICND2 or #CCNA IPv6 practice. Short and sweet: look to the earlier post with 10 practice problems, and today’s post for the answers. The goal: to get good, and to go fast, when converting IPv6 addresses from full 32-digit to abbreviated format, and back

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Link to problems – read before looking at this post

Deeper info from the ICND2 OCG book

Answers – From 32-Digit to Abbreviated

The following list shows the answers to the first five problems: the abbreviated IPv6 addresses.


Answers – From Abbreviated to 32-Digit

The following list shows five 32-digit IPv6 addresses, expanded from the five abbreviated IPv6 addresses shown in the problem statement.



IPv6 Shrinker 1
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By certskills April 1, 2017 10:52
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  1. regis February 1, 03:16


    FYI : you forgot the “/ccent/” in the above link

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  2. Sergey May 10, 16:20

    This lab should be for ch28 of ICND1 100-105

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