Config Museum: IPv6 Static Routes

By certskills November 5, 2011 07:00

This blog post begins with a router triangle, IPv6 addresses, and working interfaces. All routers can ping their own IPv6 addresses, but the routers only know their own IPv6 connected routes. Your job: Add static IPv6 routes for the LAN subnets. This one fits into the Config Museum category. Answer coming in a few days; Details below the fold!

Note that the initial configuration for the routers in this lab matches the ending configuration in the previous config museum post.

Problem: Build Static IPv6 Routes for LAN Subnets

The following figure shows three routers and the IPv6 prefixes. The routers all use an initial configuration that matches the three examples listed here as well. Your job is to add static IPv6 routes to the LAN subnets, per the following specific instructions:

  1. Routers R1 and R2 should use static routes whose configuration refers to an IPv6 address in the command.
  2. Router R3 should use static IPv6 routes that refer to the outgoing interface in the command.
  3. If your configuration was implemented, all three routers should have a connected route to their own LAN subnet, and a static route to each of the other two LAN subnets.
  4. Do not add static IPv6 routes for the WAN subnets.

Figure 1: Router Triangle with IPv6 Prefixes

Example 1: R1 Initial Config

Example 2: R2 Initial Config

Example 3: R3 Initial Config

Answer, Config Museum Lab: IPv6 Addressing
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By certskills November 5, 2011 07:00
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