Config VM: Static Routes

By certskills December 1, 2014 09:05

This next config museum post starts asks you to configure some IPv4 static routes. The network begins with the interfaces up, and with the IPv4 addresses configured. Your job is to configure static IPv4 routes from each router to the LAN-based subnets in the figure. As usual with this type of post, no muss, no fuss, just a quick exercise for exam prep. Answer coming in a few days; Details below the fold!

Problem: Build Static Routes for LAN Subnets

The following figure shows three routers and the IP subnets. The routers all use an initial configuration that matches the three examples listed here in this post. In short, the interfaces are up, the IPv4 addresses are configured, but there are no static routes and no IP routing protocol.

Your job is to add static routes to the LAN subnets, per the following specific instructions:


  1. Add static routes for the LAN subnets only.
  2. Do not add static routes for the WAN subnets.

Figure 2: Router Triangle with IP Addresses


Example 1: R1 Initial Config



Example 2: R2 Initial Config



Example 3: R3 Initial Config




Answer, Config VM: IP Addressing
Answers, Config VM: Static Routes
By certskills December 1, 2014 09:05
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  1. TJ December 4, 14:31

    “…asks you to configure some IPv3 static routes …”

    Great typo – or trick question? 😉

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  2. certskills Author December 4, 15:41

    Whoopsie… fixed it. Thanks for the notice, TJ!

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