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Packet Tracer Installation for CCNA Deep Dive Courses

How to Install/Test Packet Tracer for CCNA Deep Dive Courses

What is Packet Tracer

Cisco Packet Tracer (PT) is a software application that runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. PT simulates the Command Line Interface (CLI) of a variety of Cisco devices. It allows you to define a topology of devices connected by cables with the ability to access the CLI of each device to configure different settings. PT then provides realistic output depending on the device types, topology, and configuration.

The Cisco Networking Academy – a part of Cisco Systems, Inc – develops and offers Cisco Packet Tracer free of charge to anyone who registers for a PT class on their learning portal. Many of us may interact with the Cisco Networking Academy only by registering for the course for the purpose of downloading PT. However, take a moment to learn a few facts about the Cisco Networking Academy:

  • Developed a myriad of wonderful courses
  • Academies exist in 180 countries
  • Over 12,000 Academies

Many CCNA students use PT – find out how here!

You MUST Have Version 7.3 (or Later) of Cisco Packet Tracer Installed and Tested to Do the Labs in the CCNA Deep Dive Classes. Follow the Steps on this Page to Install and Test.

FYI - Current Course Schedule

Step 1: Enroll in Cisco Packet Tracer Course

To download Packet Tracer (for free), for first have to enroll in a free Academy course. You do not have to watch/attend the course at all – you just have to enroll to have the right to download Packet Tracer. Follow these steps to enroll.

  1. Cisco creates and offers Packet Tracer to anyone taking their Cisco Networking Academy courses. Click the link to go to the enrollment page.
  2. Click the button “Sign Up Today”.
  3. On the next page, supply the required information and click “submit”.
  4. Once submitted, go check your email for an invitation to register as a new user.
  5. Click the link in the email, which leads you to a page where you will create your Academy login. Fill out some more information and submit.

When finished, you should now be enrolled in the Cisco Network Academy Packet Tracer Course. You will be redirected to the course launch page, which you should bookmark so you can find it again later. But if you lose your way, using the button just below.

Step 2: Download Cisco Packet Tracer

If you just now finished enrolling, you can begin the next steps at the page where you finished the previous steps. However, if you need to find your way to a good starting point for the next steps:

  1. If not already there, reach the Cisco Networking Academy “Introduction to Packet Tracer” course page by:
    1. Navigating to site, which is the Academy learning portal.
    2. Launching the “Introduction to Packet Tracer” course.

You should now have a browser window open to the Academy “Introduction to Packet Tracer” course page. From there, follow these steps to download PT:

  1. Click on the “Student Resources” Link to reveal another page.
  2. From the Student Resources page, click the link to download the latest version of PT. (You will see yet another page.)
  3. Navigate through the menus to find the latest version of PT for your OS. The correct filenames should end with:
    1. Windows: win32-setup.exe or win64-setup.exe
    2. Linux: amd64.deb
    3. MacOS: mac.dmg
  4. Click to download PT.

Once downloaded, you just need to install the software as with any other desktop app. In most cases, just double-click the file and follow the prompts.

Step 3: Test the Download and Open of a .pkt File

To make sure you are ready for the CCNA Deep Dive courses, download and open a sample PT file (filetype .pkt) and open it in packet tracer. The course lab portal will post several .pkt files that you will download and open for each class.

  1. Click the button above to download the “CCNA Deep Dive Test.pkt” file.
  2. Start the Cisco Packet Tracer application.
  3. Note that PT should ask you to supply login information. This should be the same username/password you used when enrolling in the Academy PT course. It is also your login to (again, free).
  4. Once started, you should see the PT app, but the middle of the window should have no device icons in it.
  5. Use File… Open from PT’s top menu to open the file you just downloaded. After doing so the window should display a single router icon in the middle of the window.

If the file opens, you have proved you can download and open .pkt files for class.

Miscellaneous Known Issues

The Packet Tracer app installation process fails on some Ubuntu Version 20 systems. Refer to the following link for more detail. .



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