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Cisco Moved My Cheese #3: Sticking w/ Cisco, Just NOT R/S

🕔11:05, 3.Apr 2013

You had a plan that started with #CCENT or #CCNA, and then a mad dash to voice, or security, or wireless, or some other Cisco technology. The recent Cisco CCNA announcements left you with some confusion. Today’s post walks through

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Cisco Moved my CCNA Cheese – Options, Part 1

🕔16:35, 28.Mar 2013

Cisco just moved the target for #CCENT and #CCNA. You’ve been studying, and now you are unsure whether to pursue the old exams, or the new. This post begins the conversation, with four posts planned. (It was going to be

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Cisco Changes #CCENT and #CCNA for First Time in over 5 Years (Overview)

🕔08:50, 26.Mar 2013

Yep, it’s official. Cisco just announced changes to #CCENT and #CCNA, that is, the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certifications. This post gives the overview, and lots of links.

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Prep tools: Explain it back to someone

🕔07:32, 28.Jun 2011

A few weeks back, my daughter had a day off from school, and was sitting with me at the coffee shop while I was writing up a blog post about Frame Relay. For fun, I let her help me by

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Thanks… and What Study Practices Work for You?

Thanks… and What Study Practices Work for You?

🕔09:00, 9.Jun 2011

So this guy tells me that to help him study, he connected my book to his router, and sends me this picture: Well, OK, they really didn’t connect the book, even though it looks like it. But the picture is

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Subnetting Drills: Find the Subnet ID

Subnetting Drills: Find the Subnet ID

🕔11:40, 8.Mar 2011

Since this week’s question requires that you do some sub netting math, it seemed like a good time to toss out some sub netting practice questions. I plan to add a techie topic video about how to find these subnet

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