Summary Route Practice Set 2

By certskills February 24, 2014 09:05

Like the other #CCNA summary route practice sets, this post lists three practice problems. Each problem lists a set of subnet/mask pair for existing routes in some router. Your job: choose the subnet/mask pair to use as the best summary route that includes the addresses in all the routes in the original list. Unsure as to what that means? Check out this post that explains more about route summarization.

Imagine that each column of Table 1 lists subnet/mask combinations that exist as routes in some router’s IP routing table. Your job: find the subnet/mask combination that you would configure in a manual summary route to replace all those routes with one summary route. Choose the best summary – that is, the summary route that includes all addresses in all the subordinate subnets, while including as few extra addresses as is possible.

Table 1 – Three Route Summary Problems

Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3


Answers: Summary Route Practice Set 1
Answers: Summary Route Practice Set 2
By certskills February 24, 2014 09:05
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