Subnetting Speed Practice at CCENTSkills

By certskills May 20, 2011 08:24

Just a heads up, for those of you who are past the ICND1 exam and CCENT. I just posted a new subnetting practice question at the CCENTSkills blog, and answers. Of course, subnetting matters a lot on both ICND1 and ICND2, so just wanted to make sure you saw it if interested. That’s it!


Subnet Speed Practice #1 - Answers
$40/router to get IPv6?
By certskills May 20, 2011 08:24
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  1. Patrick February 8, 14:08

    Which two addresses can be assigned to a host with a subnet mask of (Choose two)
    subnet increment is 2, subnet mask is 23
    so, host range will be from 2.1 to 3.254, and … so, the answer is B and D.

    why do we have to start at 2 why cant the range be 0.1 1.255 ? is the question assuming no ip subnet zero is being used?

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    • Wendell Odom of Certskills Author February 9, 10:45

      Hi Patrick,
      Uh, I was a little confused. “why do we have to start at 2…?” I don’t see anything in the question that says anything about having to start at 2. So my answer is a guess at what you meant (sorry about that).

      Anyway, the answers do not list a zero subnet. The answers could have, they just don’t. The question doesn’t happen to state anything at all about requirements related to zero subnets. It doesn’t imply anything about having to start at 2, or avoid zero subnets, etc.
      But if one existed, with a /23 mask, the 3rd and 4th octets would have the values you listed.
      Hope this helps…

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