Subnetting Speed Practice 2

By certskills May 27, 2011 09:52

Just like last Friday’s post, here’s more Subnetting speed practice. But since no one told me how long it’s taking, I’ve added a poll. You can answer the poll based on this week’s questions, last week’s, or any other week.

Suggestions BEFORE CLICKING to see the rest: be ready to start your timer. Be ready to finish all 5 problems.

Your job:  Based on an IP address/mask, identify:

  1. List the number of network, subnet, and host bits
  2. List the number of hosts addresses in the subnet
  3. List the subnet ID, subnet broadcast address, and range of addresses in the subnet

Ready… steady… go!






$40/router to get IPv6?
Subnet Speed Practice #2: Answers
By certskills May 27, 2011 09:52
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  1. Dave August 5, 22:26

    7:05 :\

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  2. Hussein September 17, 14:39

    3:48 !

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  3. CCENTSkills September 18, 10:29

    All right! Making progress…

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  4. ziad4unix May 16, 19:39

    4min 45sec

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  5. Peter June 2, 15:28

    Is fast typing/writing a part of this? I can do these exercises almost as fast as I can write (with maybe 5-10 seconds to think for each IP address), but I still can’t get under 8 minutes. Do I need to practice writing the solution to one exercise while we mentally solve the next?

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    • CCENTSkills June 6, 09:48

      It’s about the thinking time. In your example, if you think for 10 seconds, and then N more to write it, I’m ok with counting it as 10 seconds. The exam will not require you to type the answers even – you’ll think the answer, use it to answer a more in depth question, or click a multi guess answer.

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  6. CiscoNeophyte December 13, 12:58

    I must be dumb as a rock! For this particular set of 5 questions it took me 13min 54sec to do all 5 of them.

    Rounding up to 14min and dividing that time by 5 gives me 2.8min each

    Are people saying they are doing all 5 questions in 5min or less? If so, I’m doing something very wrong and will never pass this test

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    • CCENTSkills December 13, 13:14

      Hey Neophyte,
      Take a breath! You’ll get there. You just need to practice. I liken it to the idea that if you put together a piece of furniture from Ikea or an office store, it might take a while, and you might not even feel like you did it right. But if you di 30-40 builds as a contractor to the store, you’d be able to do it well, fast, without referencing the instructions. That’s the goal. Seriously, many people have gotten their speed down to a minute or less for each of these kinds of exercises. (If you have my books, check out part 4 of the ICND1 Cert Guide – that’s where it shows the process, and tells you about where to practice.) Hope this helps…

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  7. JackB June 12, 05:25

    It took me 3 min 2s. But I didn’t write whole addresses, just the changing octets. For example (Ad.1): .0.0 – .1.255; 0.1, 1.254; N8, S15, H9 – 510.
    Thank you Wendell for great examples and practise excersises from your book 🙂

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  8. detox0911 December 18, 16:37

    7.47 for all

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