Subnetting Speed Practice #1

By certskills May 20, 2011 08:02

Today’s post is the first of what may be several posts over time that supply a number of subnetting practice questions. No explanations (unless you ask), just a problem (in this post) and the answers (in another post so I don’t spoil it).

The rules:

  1. Start your timer before you look at the rest of the post!
  2. Be ready to start and finish all 5 problems
  3. Post and tell me how long it took
  4. Check your answers versus the next post!

Your job: The problems list an ip address/prefix, eg, Your job:

  1. List the number of network, subnet, and host bits
  2. List the number of hosts addresses in the subnet
  3. List the subnet ID, subnet broadcast address, and range of addresses in the subnet

Ready… steady… go!






STP - do we really need a Listening state?
Subnet Speed Practice #1 - Answers
By certskills May 20, 2011 08:02
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  1. Shyam February 22, 01:45

    hi , took me 5 mins.

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  2. adrikayak November 17, 02:45

    3.40 min

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    • CCENTSkills November 17, 10:36

      Great job! That’s about 45 seconds each, to find the subnet ID, subnet broadcast, and range of addresses in each. That’s pretty close to where you need to be speed-wise for the exam (in my opinion).

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  3. Danilo October 2, 11:36

    as a first time 12 min

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  4. JAMES December 21, 11:09

    Wow! it took me 16 minutes.

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  5. Henry Peng August 30, 06:08

    5.55 mins

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  6. Mehran October 11, 15:48


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  7. Punya Athma June 12, 06:05

    I finished the exercise, yet, while comparing with the posted answer, I found the mistake I made with the first problem on the list. I wrote on my answer sheet column the subnet as, and then as expected time spent (wasted), in diving to search what went wrong. Shame 12 mnts, but not shame because haste makes waste!!!! Ha — Ha — Ha.

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