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This post collects links to a few resources related to some of the new topics for the CCNA 200-301 exam: REST, CRUD, and JSON. I’ve posted them here in preparation for my CLN webinar tomorrow (Sept 12, 2019) about those same topics. Come join the webinar live, or register so you’ll get an email with a recording to the link. Or if you see this post after the webinar, you can ask if I’ve not added a link to the recorded event here.

What’s here? Links related to REST, CRUD, and JSON. Enjoy.

From the Webinar: Postman


From the Webinar: Cisco DevNet and DNA Center

A Cisco microsite with tons of free learning content.

Items from DevNet used in the webinar:


DNAC Always-On Sandbox (documentation and details)

DNAC Always-on Sandbox (the DNAC itself)


From the Webinar: JSON Lint / JSON Compare

The old (Lint) and new (Compare) sites to analyze and beautify/minify your JSON strings.


JSON Background

Data Types


REST Background

Straightforward details about the REST:

A little more detailed info about REST:


Good DevNet Labs to Learn More on REST, JSON

Jupyter Lab and Anaconda

In the webinar, I used Jupyter to demonstrate Python. You can install/use Jupyter, or install/use a larger packet named Anaconda, which includes Jupyter Lab:


OSPF: Cert Guide PT Labs for ICND2 Chapter 8
Introducing Cert Guide Packet Tracer Labs for CCNA 200-301
By certskills September 11, 2019 13:05
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