CCNA Question: ARP, Inverse ARP, EIGRP

By certskills April 7, 2014 09:05

This post lists a #CCNA question, but it’s a doozy. One of the toughest tasks when studying for CCNA is putting all the pieces together, and this question tests whether you can or can’t put several pieces together. The goal: confirm what you know, and work through what you haven’t quite mastered yet.

The question looks at ARP on LANs, Inverse ARP on Frame Relay, and uses EIGRP as the routing protocol. So, by today’s exam standards, this one sits in the ICND2 side of CCNA. Today’s post lists the question, and the following post will work through the answer. Enjoy!


Note that this question is a little longer than a typical exam question. But for the purposes of this blog, that’s ok. The goal here is to learn, not to practice the exam event itself.


In the network shown in the figure, all the PCs and routers have been configured with the IP addresses as shown. All routers use EIGRP, with ASN 1. R1 uses point-to-point subinterface S0/0/0.12 for the PVC connected to R2, and multipoint subinterface S0/0/0.134 for the subnet between R1 and routers R3 and R4. None of the routers use static frame relay mapping.


The routers and PCs are configured correctly, and all PCs can ping each other. Using this general description, answer the following question.


PC1 just successfully pinged PC2, then PC3, and then PC4. Immediately following those pings, PC1 pinged PC3 again. Consider the first ICMP Echo Request sent by this latest ping command, going from PC1 to PC3. Which of the following answers lists some overhead task, information, or message that must have occured or existed before this packet could successfully pass from PC1 to PC3?

A) R1 needs an ARP table entry for PC1

B) R1 needs to receive Frame Relay mapping info from R3 with Inverse ARP

C) R3 needs to send EIGRP Hellos to PC3

D) R3 needs to receive Frame Relay mapping info from R4 with Inverse ARP

E) PC3 needs an ARP table entry for PC1


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By certskills April 7, 2014 09:05
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