#CCNA Fast Start: an EIGRP Question

By certskills May 31, 2013 09:33

EIGRP config for #CCNA requires only a little thought, but understanding what the various routers do to calculate their metrics for each route takes much more thought. Today’s sample question zeroes in on how EIGRP uses the components of its metric calculation in a small internetwork. Enjoy!

The Question

(Yo Wendell – this one’s internal #211.)

The internetwork in the figure uses EIGRP to learn IPv4 routes. EIGRP is working, so that all routers know a route for subnet The routers use all default settings for interface bandwidth and delay, with the exception of the configured items as shown in the figure. (Note that the commands related to a given interface are located close to that interface.)

Later, the network engineer considers making additional configuration changes, as listed in the answers. Which of the answers lists a configuration change that, by itself, would cause router A’s EIGRP metric for its EIGRP route to subnet to change?

a)      The delay 100 command on D’s S0/0/1 interface

b)     The bandwidth 15000 command on B’s F0/0 interface

c)     The delay 189 command on A’s S0/0/1 interface

d)     The bandwidth 384 command on B’s S0/0/0 interface

e)     None of the answers change router A’s metric for

(As usual, these sample questions allow for more than one correct answer; the real exam tells you the number of correct answers.)

Figure 2: Figure Used with EIGRP Question

Answers next post. Enjoy!

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#CCNA Fast Start: EIGRP
Answer to the #CCNA EIGRP Question
By certskills May 31, 2013 09:33
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    where is the answer?

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      It’s at the bottom of the post, just above the stream of comments. See the text “Answer to the #CCNA EIGRP Question”? That’s the link.

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