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By certskills January 19, 2017 10:56

Two things specifically for those using Cisco Press books and their associated practice tests. Short version: if you’ve had software problems with the desktop client (aka the software you run on your computer to use the tests), then read further. Regardless, there is also a new web version available that you can use instead of the desktop version. Read more if interested!

Quick Background

First, for quick background…

In the past, you would use a desktop app often called the Pearson Certification Practice Test (PCPT) app. It was a typical desktop app. You could install from the DVD, or from various Pearson web sites (like, and run the app.

Then you would also plug in a license code that gave you the rights to specific tests. For instance, if you bought my pair of CCNA R&S books, each book would have a license code, so you would type in both codes, both exam banks would download, and you’d have a set of exams associated with each book.


The PCPT Desktop App Fix

I heard from my friends at Pearson that there was an issue with the PCPT software recently. I don’t know the details, but the fix required an update to the desktop app. For some, that update happened as normal, so you may not have even realized there was an issue. For others, not so, and it required manual intervention.

So, if you are using the PCPT desktop app, for any Cisco Press book, and it still works: never mind!

If you try the PCPT app at it is not working any more: download the app again. Then install (but don’t uninstall first – just install it again). I’m told that does the trick. But again… do nothing if it still works, and don’t uninstall if you have problems and are trying to fix!



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By certskills January 19, 2017 10:56
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  1. KennethH February 1, 05:34

    Hi Wendell

    first really nice job in writing the Cisco books for CCENT/CCNA.

    I am currently studyin for my ICDN1 exam.

    Cant get my PTP (PCPT) to work at all..
    Have tried different settings in compatibility mode and re-installing over the current installation..

    Do you know if there is any update on this matter?

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    • CCENTSkills February 1, 08:02

      Hi Kenneth,
      Thanks! Glad you like the books.
      On PCPT/PTP, sorry to hear that. I don’t have an update, but I can tell you that if you use the normal contact procedure at, they can help, and they are aware of the issue and workaround. To do that:, bottom of the page there’s a “contact us” button, and make sure and plus in the right title and ISBN (so it will get routed to the right group – Pearson’s a very large publisher, so getting the ISBN wrong can delay an answer). And I’d suggest telling them your OS, version, and the steps you took.
      Did you try the new Pearson Test Prep (PTP) on the web, by chance? Login with the same userid/password you set up when you registered your CCENT and CCNA books at, and you’ll see the same questions in the web interface.
      Hope this helps,

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  2. akki February 15, 16:29

    i bought the digital copy of the book from amazon but it does not have any code to the pcpt exams . any help??

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    • CCENTSkills February 15, 19:01

      Hi Akki,
      Sure. Two things:
      Normally these days the Amazon sales channel will supply you with a unique code so that when you buy a Cisco Press book that has questions you can get access to those questions. So, the first step is Amazon support.
      That said, the above is “normal”. However, if there’s an issue and they say no, step 2 is to ask the publisher. Most of my books are from the Cisco Press brand (you didn’t mention what specific book, by the way.) So, step 2 is contact the publisher. There’s a “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page at Make sure and plug in the correct title and ISBN, because that’s how they route your request. State details like where you bought it, when, what ISBN, what steps you’ve taken with Amazon to get it resolved. You might get a solution that way.
      Hope this helps,

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