Mind Maps for Exam Terminology Review

By certskills April 1, 2011 13:30

Hello All,

Well, I know “all” is small at this point, but I expect the number will grow over time. But for those of you listening out there, if you have an opinion on this topic, I’d love to hear it. The question: can mind maps help you when prepping for the CCENT exam?

Some of you will have heard of a concept/process/toolset called a mind map. The idea is somewhat simple: you draw out ideas, and connect them visually. It can help you remember things, and it can help you when studying. For instance, if you have to think about a bunch of terms and ideas, categorize them, and put them into a diagram, with some kind of relationships drawn, then that process can help you learn and review.

So goes the theory. So today, when creating the new Chapter Study Plan Video for Chapter 11 of the ICND1 book, I created a mind map. I used the terms listed for review at the end of that chapter, and only those terms, except that I added categories into which the terms fit in some way or another.

The question to you: have you used mind maps? Do you find them useful? Do you think that seeing a mind map for a chapter from a book, like the one here, is helpful?

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By certskills April 1, 2011 13:30
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  1. SalV. June 6, 21:28

    Never have used mind maps before looks like it could help on other subjects as well. Is there any websites that have a general outline in creating a mind map?

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    • Wendell Odom of Certskills June 7, 09:07

      Hi Sal,
      I’d start at Amazon, ans search Mind Maps. There you’ll find Tonu Buzan, who’s listed as the creator of Mind Maps. From there, you can find lots of authors, lots of sites. Seems to be a lot of info about it. But it for sure applies to other subjects – my daughter even used it to map out the characters and places in a book for a book report in school last year!

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  2. Jennifer Karriem December 16, 18:21

    I like the idea of mind maps. This is a start. Will you be doing more for CCENT/CCNA cert study?

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    • CCENTSkills December 31, 10:44

      Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for the post! Sorry it’s been a while – I disappeared for Christmas. Anyway, I didn’t hear much feedback on these here in the blog, and haven’t used them in the blog context much as a result. However, I have put them in a book, and hope to do so in a few others. Have you tried using them, either before seeing them here, or after?

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  3. Kenny August 26, 23:26

    I never used it, nor heard of it. I’ve downloaded the app, so I’m looking forward to it

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