Housekeeping Notice: No Config Labs for this Book Part

By certskills September 6, 2015 14:44

In this blog, some menu categories do not happen to have any posts associated with them. That’s just coincidence regarding what topics I’ve happened to choose over the many years of writing this blog. However, for Config Lab posts, I get an occasional question like “where are the config labs for this part? I don’t see any.” Turns out that some book parts or chapters do not happen to include CLI configuration topics, so there are no Config Lab posts. Here are the Book parts that currently have no Config Labs with the two books for the CCNA 200-301 exam:

  • CCNA 200-301 Volume 1 Part 1 (Fundamentals)
  • CCNA 200-301 Volume 1 Part 8 (Wireless)
  • CCNA 200-301 Volume 2 Part 4 (Architecture)
  • CCNA 200-301 Volume 2 Part 5 (Programmability)
Answers: Basic OSPFv3
A: A Port Security Question
By certskills September 6, 2015 14:44
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  1. Wole June 13, 06:14

    I am new here. There seems to be so much information and i don’t know where to get hands on labs question. and help on how to go about int this blog?

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    • Chris June 15, 17:22

      Hi – Glad you came here to look around.
      In the upper right there is a search box. You can type anything in there and find what you are looking for.
      You can also hover over the Blue Menu bar and view the the drop down menus. The “Hands On” menu will have the Lab categories and once you pick a category you can search or sort them.

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    • certskills Author June 19, 09:04

      Let me add my welcome as well, Wole! Enjoy.

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  2. joshua hurley August 5, 19:24

    not exactly sure what to do on this page is this supposed to be a lab we can do or just a place for blogs? i would like a lab to use

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    • certskills Author August 10, 12:47

      Hi Joshua,
      The books group chapters into parts. Some book parts happen to cover concept-only topics, so there aren’t any labs. This blog post is a placeholder to point out the Book parts for the current books for which we don’t have any of this style of lab (Config Labs).

      Go to the menu and choose “Hands On… Config Lab 200-301” to find the Config Labs that do exist.

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