Happy 25th to Cisco Live!

By certskills May 30, 2014 14:05

Cisco Live, aka #CLUS on Twitter, celebrated its 25th year this year at the show in San Francisco. The show has grown and grown over the years, both in size and quality. If I could only spend one week a year training each year, I’d spend it at Cisco Live.

Today’s post is mainly a place to put some links to some photos, thanks, and links to other blogs. The photos are from an area of the show space, with a  long wall – maybe 20 meters – with an infographic about the history of the show. They also displayed the hats from the customer appreciation events from these last 25 years. And I can’t find the infographic online anywhere… so I’ll at least post my aperture photos. Enjoy the photos, and I’ll post something more leading up to the 2015 show next year (San Diego, June 7-11).

Photos of Cisco Live History Wall

No muss, no fuss. I figured I’d find the professional version of these, but have not. So, in case you’re interested…

The first link shows wide shots that show about 5 years of history at a time. It’s interesting to just look for the number of Cisco employees mentioned in most panels.

The second link shows close-ups of most of the shows I happened to attend. (I didn’t plan ahead – otherwise I would’ve grabbed them all!)

The last one shows the hats that are given away for those who attend the parties over the years. (The 2013 Minion hat is still my favorite. Also… my daughter was blown away when she heard her old Dad got to hear Imagine Dragons in concert this year.)


Wendell’s Personal CLUS History: Meeting Cisco Press

On a side note, the show actually ties into my own personal history a bit as well. Back in 1998, I was looking to find a way to get off a 30-week-a-year travel schedule (consulting and teaching). At the CLUS Philadelphia show, Cisco Press had a booth in the vendor area (called World of Solutions now). The tabletop had a little placard, the size of a business card, which basically said: if you want to write for us, call this guy. Cisco also announced CCNA (R/S) and CCNP (R/S) at that show. A year later, I had authored the first Cisco Press official cert guide. So I got a picture of me by the 1998 part of the history to celebrate! Kind of cool to walk back through memory lane.

Cisco Live is also a great place to hear from readers. I meet probably 40-50 people at each show to talk about their own learning and certification journeys. It’s a joy to hear so many great stories of success, and of the struggle to progress in learning. Hats off to all of you continuing to push to learn and get the next certification!

Other Blog Posts about the Show

It’s a great show on many levels, ranging from making friends in the networking world to getting answers to specific questions. Rather than re-create the wheel, here’s a sampling of blog posts about the show, from a variety of Cisco Champions:

  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure: Attending Cisco Live 2014 Online: http://cs.co/9003cGDX via #CiscoChampion @billyc5022
  • The Value of Cisco Live—7 reasons you need to go: http://cs.co/9002c14p via #CiscoChampion @danieldibswe
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By certskills May 30, 2014 14:05
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