EIGRP Enabler #2

By certskills February 27, 2017 12:05

Now for some more EIGRP work. Your job: read and react to a set of requirements to then choose how to configure about a dozen EIGRP network commands. Simple, useful, do it and move on to the next thing!

Initial State: Topology

Figure 1 shows the topology for this exercise, with three routers connected in a triangle, each with two LAN interfaces.

EIGRP Enabler Topology


Initial State: Interfaces and Routing Protocol

Each of the routers has an initial configuration that includes IPv4 addresses, working interfaces, and EIGRP configured to shows its autonomous system number. Examples 1, 2, and 3 show that configuration.


Router R1 Initial Configuration


Router R2 Initial Configuration


Router R3 Initial Configuration


Your Job: Complete the Configuration with network Commands

To finish the configuration, you need to enable EIGRP on all the interfaces shown in the figure. To do that, for this lab, add EIGRP network commands to each router’s configuration.

By the end of this exercise, a real network with the combined initial config, plus your config, should result in:

  • EIGRP neighbor relationships between each pair of routers, so that each router has two EIGRP neighbors.
  • Each router has learned routes to all subnets in the figure.


Configure Your Commands Per These Specific Rules

Use the following requirements when configuring your EIGRP network commands.

R1 –  Match the Subnet: On router R1, make each network command match all addresses in a single subnet. Use wildcard masks as needed, and use as many network commands as needed to enable EIGRP on all interfaces shown in the figure.

R2 –  Match the Subnet: Same rules as on router R1.

R3 –  Match the Interface Address: On router R3, make each network command match one specific IP address. Use wildcard masks as needed, and use as many network commands as needed to enable EIGRP on all interfaces shown in the figure.

Note that this exercise is not like what real network engineers do in their jobs. In real networks, you would probably use the same approach on each router.



I will post an answer post in a few days. So, look for the link at the bottom of this page.


Do this Exercise as a Lab with VIRL

Are you thinking that you’d like to just do this exercise with VIRL, instead of on paper, or just typing in an editor? We already built the topology and initial configuration. Just click below to get the .VIRL file.

EIGRP Enabler 2 VIRL – Initial State


OSPFv2 Enabler #2 - Answers
EIGRP Enabler #2 - Answers
By certskills February 27, 2017 12:05
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