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This post is a quick one to give some background for something I’m going to try on Twitter. I have no idea if it will work or not, but we’ll give it the old college try.

The short version: I want those with networking jobs to tweet, with a #NetRole hashtag, what their job role/title is (as short as possible), and one activity they did often this week. Then people who are considering working in networking can better understand what the jobs are like. The rest of this post tells a few more details, but those are the basics!

In an upcoming post about planning for career development, I’m going to talk about setting career goals. But that’s harder to do if you don’t work in the industry yet. So, let’s help those who are thinking about networking as a career!

Here’s what I want you to do:

  • Tweet!
  • Include the #NetRole hashtag so people can search and find them all
  • State your job role or title, be short, but be descriptive
  • State one thing that’s a regular normal part of your job
  • Tweet 1 or more now, and tweet any time it comes to mind
  • Of course, no need to give corporate secrets – just enough to help people know what kinds of job roles exist


For instance:

My #NetRole is network engineer; wrote plan to implement new sites and make existing subnets larger

We may get only a few people to tweet, or we may get a lot. I will try and drive it, but please help. I’d like to help others get a chance at a career like we’ve got – and I’ve loved working in networking.

And if you’re not on Twitter, just post it here, and I’ll Tweet it!



PS I’ll be at Cisco Live Europe the week this post hits, so I’m going to try and drive some comments that way!

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