CCNA Deep Dive Round 1 (Early 2020) – Discussion and Feedback

By certskills January 3, 2020 09:21

If you took any of the CCNA Deep Dive courses on O’Reilly, then you probably remember what this post is for. If not, you shouldn’t care! Regardless, this post is a place for anyone in the CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive courses on Safari to connect after the course, specifically for the first round of courses that happen between February 2020 and April 2020. Leave your comments here!

Course Content Discussion

If you have questions or comments about the technology in the course – go for it! Fire away, and I’ll keep an eye out. Up to you to pick a topic!

Feedback Topics

I’ll take any course feedback that you want to add here. But if you want a few ticklers for ideas of subjects to discuss, here are a few:

  1. Pace (too fast/slow/good)
  2. Lecture/Lab Mix(too much lecture, too much lab, good mix?)
  3. Lab exercises: challenge level? Clarity?
  4. Time in lab: too much, too little, just right?

CNA 200-301 Deep Dive Round 1

Also, for those who land here but don’t know…

CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive is the name of a series of Live courses I’m teaching in 2020 at O’Reilly (aka Safari Books Online). For these live courses, you could navigate to the Live Training page and search for my last name (Odom) to easily find all these. Or just use these handy links since you’re already here:

All Safari Live Training

CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive Series

All O’Reilly Classes from Wendell (on Current Schedule)


For reference, here’s the list of the first round of CCNA 200-301 Deep Dive courses.

  1. Feb 13th – Cisco CLI and Packet Tracer Basics
  2. Feb 20th – LAN Switching, VLANs, and Trunking
  3. Feb 27th – Rapid Spanning Tree and EtherChannel
  4. March 4th – IPv4 Addressing and Static Routing
  5. March 11th – OSPF Concepts and Configuration
  6. March 25th – DHCP, DHCP Snooping, and DAI
  7. March 31st – NAT and NTP
  8. April 7th – Controller-Based Networking, JSON, and REST
Packet Tracer Labs - CCNA Vol 1 Chapter 18
When Will (Did) You Move on to CCNA 200-301?
By certskills January 3, 2020 09:21
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  1. JEE February 20, 18:05

    Just got done with the DD2 course. I think this is a great format to learn and as the name suggest dive deeper into the topics covered in your books. Unfortunately, for me I am very green and new to Cisco networking and a recent subscriber to O’Reilly online. I just happen to see the DD2 course was available and sign up for it.

    For someone completely new I believe it is an excellent way to be exposed to the material. Having you go through the material and to be able to ask you questions is priceless. I also like how you spent time towards the end of the labs working through and hitting some of high points or main ideas of what we should have gotten out of the labs.

    However, in my case I felt I needed a bit more of a foundation to really get the most out of it. Maybe I should have started out at the shallow end of the pool :). But that’s on me. You did cover this at the end of the course by providing some good guidelines and recommendations of what to study in order to be better prepared for the next series of DD courses.

    All in all I can see a huge potential in this type of training and love the fact it is being made available to me. It is an immensely helpful tool for anyone interested in moving forward in their career.

    BTW – Love your book and all the additional resources included with it as well.

    Keep up the awesome work.


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    • certskills Author February 22, 06:55

      Thanks so much for the feedback! You’ll have to let us know if the pre-reading for future weeks helps. I also think this past course was a little too much material for the time slot, and I’m still figuring out the balance. And thanks for the encouragement!

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  2. Ward Wolfram March 2, 13:57

    Hello Wendell, Thank you for your Spanning-Tree deep dive session this past Thursday 2/27. I learned quite a bit even though I just received my CCNA.

    After reviewing the materials of this session, I had a question of calculating root path costs, particularly if one segment is configured with unequal port speeds (ie. 100Mbs and 1Gbps). My initial thinking is that the segment will down grade to 100Mbps (the lowest common denominator) and will use port cost of 19. Would this be the case or would I need to just examine the port settings?. Thank much in advance!

    I look forward to attending more of your deep dive sessions!


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    • certskills Author March 2, 17:55

      Hi Ward,
      Glad to hear you found the course to be useful!
      On your question, you are correct. The key is this: does the port use a default setting? That is, there are no **spanning-tree [vlan x] priority y** commands on the interface. If no such commands exist, the default is set based on the actual link speed. So in the case you noted, the 10/100/1000 port, running at 100, would default to cost 19. (It’s actually a cool experiment to do as well – keep changing the link speed and issuing **do show spanning-tree** and look at the port cost changing. Maybe I’ll add that to lab next time!)
      I’ll look for your WW initials at the next few events!

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  3. Cassius T. March 25, 16:59

    Re: Investigate DHCP and Configure DHCP Relay

    Hello Wendell, thank you for your continued support and providing the best materials for study.

    My introduction to your work started with the 640-607 CCNA exam. Still a very good book!

    Today I joined the deep dive session late, and at some point, I got disconnected or booted out of the live session. Is it possible to gain access to the recording(s) or access to the previous deep dive content?


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    • certskills Author March 25, 17:25

      Cassius, wow, that’s an oldie! 2001 pub date for that one, I think!
      Yeah, we had a technical problem with the course today, and on the student side, it appeared like we just stopped the class with no notice. We tried to recover, and gave up. We’re working to re-schedule.
      I posted a little more detail at the post for Deep Dive students to talk about content:
      But to your question, it’s up to Safari to create and distribute the recording, and I don’t know if the tech problem resulted in a recording or not. But we’ll do the class again, and you are supposed to be auto enrolled when that happens.
      Sorry about the fade to black!

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