Config Museum: Frame Relay Physical Interface Config

By certskills November 27, 2012 09:05

While this #CCNA Config Museum lab follows the usual rules, this one is part of a broader plan for the next few weeks here in the blog. This lab looks at a minimalist FR config using physical interfaces. However, it begins to unravel a look at two issues related to FR config: making sense of all the defaults that affect a config, and the differences in config between physical, multipoint, and point-to-point interfaces. Today we’ll stick with the basics of Physical interfaces, to kick things off. Enjoy!

First Task: Create a Config to Meet Design Requirements

This lab begins with a Frame Relay design as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 – Frame Relay Configuration

The design uses these conventions:

  1. A full mesh of PVCs between three routers
  2. All routers configure FR on their physical interfaces
  3. The three routers use subnet as the subnet
  4. R1 uses the numerically lowest IP address, R2 the next lowest, and R3 the next lowest
  5. Assume other settings that are not otherwise specified, in such a manner that you can use as many default as possible.

So, your first task is to list the configuration on all three routers, such that all three routers can ping each other’s Frame Relay IP addresses. Use physical interfaces, and use as many defaults as possible.

Task 2: Record the Default Configuration that these Routers Used

On that last point in the list of requirements, I am trying not to give away too much, because it is part of the review and learning. Cisco routers have several FR settings that have default settings that require no configuration, but they impact how FR works. These defaults are easy to overlook.

For a second step for this lab, make a second config file for each router. Then write down the config that would set the exact same default settings for any FR features the router is using by default, which impacts how the router is working. (Keep the scope to CCNA-level topics.)

That’s it!


STP Puzzle #3 – Answer Part 2
Frame Relay Physical Interface Config - Answers
By certskills November 27, 2012 09:05
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