Config Museum: Frame Relay Multipoint Interface Config

By certskills December 19, 2012 09:05

This next #CCNA lab takes the 2nd big step in peeling back the Frame Relay configuration onion. Another recent (related) Frame Relay lab looked at config using physical interfaces, while this lab looks at the same design using multipoint subinterfaces. One goal: multipoint as an end to itself. Another goal? Comparing the config with physical interfaces to the config with multipoint subinterfaces.

The requirements will look familiar. Dive in, make your choices, and I’ll post answers to this one sooner this time, I promise!

First Task: Create a Config to Meet Design Requirements

This lab has the exact same requirements as the recent Frame Relay lab, except that this lab asks that all the routers use multipoint subinterfaces. Figure 1 details the IP addresses and local DLCIs.

Figure 1 – Frame Relay Configuration

The design uses these conventions:

  1. A full mesh of PVCs between three routers
  2. All routers configure FR using multipoint subinterfaces
  3. The three routers use subnet as the subnet
  4. R1 uses the numerically lowest IP address, R2 the next lowest, and R3 the next lowest
  5. Assume other settings that are not otherwise specified, in such a manner that you can use as many default as possible.
  6. Use the lowest number of different configuration commands possible to create the configuration.

So, your first task is to list the configuration on all three routers, such that all three routers can ping each other’s Frame Relay IP addresses. Configure the LAN interface IP addresses as well. Use multipoint subinterfaces, and use as many defaults as possible.

Finally, note that the last requirement is there just to make you think about the options more carefully. In real life, most engineers do not worry about the number of configuration commands required. However, by asking you to use as few commands as possible, I’m trying to drive you to a particular configuration option – so think about your options!

Frame Relay Physical Interface Config - Answers
FR Multipoint Config - Answers
By certskills December 19, 2012 09:05
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