Config VM: IPv4 Addressing, OSPF, and Fallback Static Routes

By certskills November 19, 2014 09:05

It’s time for some more #CCNA config museum drills! Config museum posts list a straightforward problem statement for a straightforward configuration exercise. No guile, no tricks, just a chance to exercise. The follow-up posts list the answer, with maybe a few brief comments about why, but not a lot. The goal: Repetition for working through configuration

Today’s topic begins a series that will eventually work through static routes, floating static routes, and OSPF interface configuration. But first, today’s config museum sets up the problem with an exercise: finding the IP addresses to use in the network, and configuring those addresses. Details sit below the fold. Enjoy!


Problem: Find the Highest IP Addresses

The following figure shows a simple internetwork with three routers. The figure also lists the subnet numbers used in each subnet. For today’s task, you have to calculate the IP addresses to use, the dotted decimal masks, and create the associated configuration. Your jobs and rules are:

  1. Using the IP address/mask information for each subnet, calculate the two numerically-highest IP addresses in each subnet
  2. Assuming the routers have all default configuration, configure the three routers to (a) bring up their interfaces and (b) use the highest IP address in each subnet
  3. For subnets with two routers, the lower-numbered router gets the lower IP address value
  4. Each router should be able to successfully ping its three own IP addresses when complete
  5. Use defaults unless absolutely necessary
  6. Assume the topology is built with gear in a single lab, with no Telco


Figure 1: Subnets Used in this Config Museum Lab


That’s it! I’ll post the answer post in a few days.



Overlapping VLSM Subnets - Speed Test 3 Answers
Answer, Config VM: IP Addressing
By certskills November 19, 2014 09:05
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