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Hello to all you regular folks here at my blog! I’ll be away from the blog from now through all of April, through Mid-May, 2022. I won’t be checking your comments during that time, and because I run a one-person company, there’s no backup. I’m leaving this post to give you a few tips about leaving comment posts here and getting feedback while I’m away.

Comments Here – Some Show Up, Some Do Not!?!?!

If you leave a comment to a post here at the blog, some show up immediately, without any action on my part. WordPress allows and immediately displays your comment when you have posted a time or two before and I’ve approved your comment. However, for almost all initial comments, and often for the first several, WordPress holds your comments until I approve the comments as an anti-spam mechanism.

So, while I’m away, feel free to leave any and all comments. You can reply to other people’s comments. But if you leave a comment, and it does not appear, your comment is likely just sitting waiting to be cleared by me as not being spam. I will not be at work, so I won’t be approving those comments for a while. Be aware!

Lord willing, I’ll be back working by mid-May. When I get to the blog, my plan is to let ya’ll know via a post, then approve all outstanding comments, and then start answering them. We’ll see how long it takes to catch up. I plan to answer all, just might take a few days with the backlog of blog comments.


Need Answers Now?

If you need answers about specific posts here, this is the place for answers. You can try leaving a comment while I’m away. If you can answer for others, feel free to give them some help. I’ll get back to you when I can.

However, if you need an answer to a technology question, rather than info about some specific in a blog post here, I encourage you to check out the Cisco Learning Network (CLN) at They have forums for each Cisco exam, including CCNA. Just join in there, search for answers, or post a new question.

See you online when I get back!

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Catching up on Comments: Mid-May 2022
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