Config Museum: EIGRP Config

By Wendell March 10, 2014 09:05

It’s been a while for one of these: a #CCNA config museum piece. It’s meant as a quick config exercise – read the requirements, write the config on paper or type it. No muss no fuss, just review and practice config skills. Today’s post is about how to migrate from RIP to EIGRP. Enjoy!

Your Job: Convert from RIP-2 to EIGRP

Frankly, RIP-2 is old, really old. Think great grandpa old. So migrating from RIP-2 to EIGRP makes some sense. For this first task, play it as straight as possible, no frills:

  • Use EIGRP only.
  • Use the minimum number of commands while meeting all the requirements listed here.
  • Disable the advertisement of EIGRP updates on any interfaces you can without impacting the routes learned by the routers.
  • Assume that the IPv4 addresses listed in Table 1 are already configured on the matching interfaces.
  • Because CCNA technically doesn’t list RIP as an exam topic any more, for this exercise, assume that someone else will remove the RIP config.

Figure 1 shows the network topology.

Figure 1: Router Triangle with IPv4 Subnets

Table 1: IPv4 Addresses

Location IP/mask
R1 F0/0 /26
R1 S0/0/0 /26
R1 S0/0/1 /26
R2 F0/0 /26
R2 S0/0/0 /26
R2 S0/0/1 /26
R3 F0/0 /26
R3 S0/0/0 /26
R3 S0/0/1 /26



Answers: Summary Route Practice Set 2
Config Museum: EIGRP Config Answers
By Wendell March 10, 2014 09:05
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