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Most of us skim through descriptions of #Syslog messages and message levels. This lab helps you slow down just a bit with a configuration exercise that makes you remember message severity levels and how to configure them. As usual, the lab should take you 5-10 minutes to read and type an answer in an editor if you remember most of what to do. And of course the new ICND1 100-105 book (about the new exams) covers all these details, with more Syslog added to the exams by Cisco in May 2016. Enjoy!


In this lab you will enable system logging with a couple of different conventions. and change the message format in a couple of ways on both routers. The specific rules for this lab are:

  • Send all Emergency, Alert, and Critical Syslog Messages to the Syslog server. When configuring the command:
    • On R1, refer to the message levels by name
    • On R2, refer to the message levels by number
  • Use the Syslog server shown in the figure
  • Disable all local device logging except console logging



Figure 1: Two Routers with IP Addresses


Initial Configuration

Example 1 and 2 show the beginning configuration state of R1 and R2.

Example 1: R1 Config

Example 2: R2 Config


Answer on Paper, or Maybe Test in Lab

Next, write your answer on paper. Or if you have some real gear or other tools, configure the lab using them.

While this lab shows a two router lab, you could do it on a single router with a console connection.

To test the effects of your configuration, login from the console and then get into config mode and back out again. Each time the router will issue a log message to the console, proving the default setting per the logging console command.

Additionally, issue the show logging command both before and after you disable the buffering of log messages. Before, you should see a dozen or so descriptive lines, plus the list of log messages. Afterwards, you should see only the descriptive lines, and no log messages. One of the descriptions at that point should state that Buffer logging is disabled.

Basic SNMP Config 1
Answers: Basic SNMP Config 1
By certskills June 17, 2016 09:05
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