Answers: EIGRPv6 for IPv6 #2

By Chris May 12, 2016 09:10

Like EIGRP for IPv4, EIGRP for IPv6 can be configured to influence the routers’ choices of best routes based on the delay and bandwidth of the links. This lab lets you practice those options, while reviewing base EIGRP for IPv6 configuration. Check out the original lab first, and then come here to check out your answers.


Example 4: R1 Config


Example 5: R2 Config


Example 6: R3 Config



EIGRP for IPv6 is very similar to its IPv4 variant in that it still uses the bandwidth and delay of the route path to calculate metric and still maintains topology and neighbor tables. There are, however, some unique parts of the configuration that are different from legacy EIGRP configuration. First, EIGRP for IPv6 uses an interface style of configuration (i.e. using ipv6 eigrp commands). Second, unlike EIGRP for IPv4, EIGRP for IPv6 requires either an interface on the device to be configured with an IPv4 address OR that the router-id is statically configured as part of the EIGRP for IPv6 configuration; this is because an IPv4 style of router-id is still used.

All three routers use the ipv6 router eigrp 40 command, which creates an EIGRPv6 process on each router, with ASN 40, a number which must match on the three routers. Then, each router has a command like R1’s eigrp router-id to define the EIGRP router ID. Note that as shown, this router has no IPv4 addresses at all, so the router ID must be explicitly configured as shown here.

Then look at all the interfaces on all three routers. Each interface has an ipv6 eigrp 40 subcommand, enabling the use of the ASN 40 EIGRPv6 process on that interface.

For this lab, the delay of the link between R1 and R3 is altered to make it less preferred over its faster alternative. Remember when doing this lab that the delay command is configured in IOS using tens of microseconds not microseconds. Look at R1’s G0/2 interface and R3’s G0/1 interfaces. They both use the delay 10000 subcommand – notice the number is ten-thousand, not one-hundred-thousand, to set the delay to 100,000 microseconds.

EIGRPv6 for IPv6 #2
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By Chris May 12, 2016 09:10
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  1. Sina September 22, 17:24

    Hi Wendell

    First of all so much thanks for explaining so good ipv6 topics …

    I mention sth from my gns3 lab cisco router images , that all routing protocols are available for ipv4 but there is no support of EIGRP for ipv6 on images c3600 & c3640 .. just for ospf and rip .

    i consider it when i issued ipv6 router ? global command ..

    I expect for ur feedback


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    • certskills October 4, 16:12

      Hi Sina,

      I believe that the GNS3 organization has a pretty good community site for QA about how to make OS’s work in GNS3 – that’s probably a better place for your question.


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