Answers: Basic VLANs

By Chris August 14, 2015 09:05

As with all these labs, the answer is straightforward. In this case, you need to add a couple of global commands and some commands per interface. But try the lab yourself first before looking here! The answers sit below the fold.



Example 2: SW1 Config



All interfaces on almost all switches (Cisco and other vendors) are placed into Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) 1 by default. This is handy when attempting to quickly place a new switch into a topology and gain additional ports, but it can also be a security risk. Any individual who has physical access to one of these switches can plug in and get access to the whole network, this is one of the reasons that most organizations utilize VLAN’s. It is typically considered best practice to place all unused interface into a VLAN that is not current used on the network, this way anyone who attempts to plugin to an interface will gain access to nothing.

For each interface, this lab asked you to perform two configuration tasks on each interface: to configure each interface to be in access mode and for each interface to be placed into their respective VLANs. Specially, that PC1 and PC2 be placed into VLAN 10 and that PC3 and PC4 be placed into VLAN 20.

Additionally, the wording of the lab asked you to create the VLANs explicitly – that is, to first configure the VLANs with the vlan 10 and vlan 20 commands. As it turns out, you could have omitted these two commands, and IOS would have automatically created them when you added the first switchport access vlan command for each VLAN.

Q: Parsing Layer and Header Terminology
A: Parsing Layer and Header Terminology
By Chris August 14, 2015 09:05
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  1. Tony Gibbs March 7, 09:03

    Thanks Wendall for this config lab and others that I know I will use.

    I have CCENT and am now working towards ICND2 and some of my muscle memory has gone.

    So I am working through your great book on 200-105 and will be doing these config labs.

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