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By certskills August 1, 2016 09:05

The CCENT and CCNA R&S certifications include many prominent features that need to be configured. VLANs. Trunking. Routing protocols. IPv4 addressing. IPv6 addressing. But there are also the occasional small topic or single command that might be forgotten. This lab examines a couple of those easily forgotten commands, just to give them a little attention in hope that it might make you better prepared on test day.


This lab is direct and straightforward. The lab uses a single router with two interfaces, with a list of requirements. Your job: remember the command(s) to achieve each function, and write/type the command with the correct syntax. In the next post, you can check your answers. The specific rules for this lab are:

  • Configure ‘Router’ so that if you happen to misspell a command and then press enter, the command will not automatically try to do name resolution with a DNS server as if the misspelled command were a hostname
  • Configure the console line so that the router will synchronize the output of log and debug messages versus solicited command output
  • Configure the console so it times out after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Administratively disable both the GigabitEthernet0/1 and 0/2 interfaces


Figure 1: Single Router Topology


Initial Configuration

Example 1 shows the beginning configuration state of Router.


Example 1: Router Config


Answer on Paper, or Maybe Test in Lab

Next, write your answer on paper. Or if you have some real gear, or other tools, configure the lab with those tools.

To test your solution if you happen to try it with CML/VIRL or real gear, to check this one there are a few steps.

First, just type a badly misspelled word as a command. If you configured the lab correctly, IOS should not delay more than a second or so to give you a new command prompt. not getting a long lookup delay.

Next, to verify the console timeout, you can either verify the configuration in the running configuration, or by waiting five minutes to see if the console exits automatically.

Verifying whether message synchronization works is a little harder to do in lab, so the best way to confirm the feature is to check the configuration versus the answer post.

Finally, for the verification of the GigabitEthernet0/1 and 0/2 interface being disabled, issue the show ip interfaces brief command and verify that both interfaces are shown as administratively down.


Do this Lab with Cisco’s CML (Formerly VIRL)

You can do these labs on paper and still get a lot out of the lab. As an extra help, we have added files for Cisco Modeling Lab – Personal (CML-P). CML-P replaces Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) software, in effect serving as VIRL Version 2.

Below, find two files: a file useful with CML-P and another useful with VIRL. (Note that the CML-P file has a .yaml filetype, while the older VIRL file has a VIRL filetype.) Once the file is loaded, CML-P or VIRL will create a lab topology similar to this lab’s topology, with the initial configuration shown in the lab as well.

This lab’s CML file!

This lab’s VIRL file!

All interfaces in topology match the lab figure.

NTP Client/Server 1
Answers: NTP Client/Server 1
By certskills August 1, 2016 09:05
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  1. Lester March 3, 08:05

    Mr. Odom, thank you very much, for writing this Lab Exercise for those students who are willing to learn. Every lecture matters when it come to learning. As well, it’s a excellent way to make practice as you keep reading through the book (Certification Guide)…

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  2. Dan Brabbins August 9, 13:12

    I’m attempting to import the virl file into CML2 but it is saying the following:

    Upload of topology failed… below is the response:

    Error importing VIRL 1.x topology file. XML parsing error: Schema version does not meet minimum supported version: 0.95.

    Are the VIRL files not compatible with CML2?

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    • certskills Author August 10, 12:44

      Hi Dan,
      I’m guessing you are correct. I’ll take a look. Probably won’t be a quick fix, but I’ll see what I can do. Sorry about that.

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  3. Darian Brewer September 5, 21:03

    I just finished Chapter 5 of Volume 1 on the 200-301 book. Which lab do I complete first? This layout is very confusing for me.

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