June/July Online Events for the New CCNA and CCNP Enterprise

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I’ll be hosting several upcoming events getting into the details of the new CCNA and CCNP Core exams. Whether you plan to pursue completing an exam or two before February 2020 or studying now in preparation for the upcoming exams, these events may be of some interest to you. Also, I expect Cisco will offer some additional webinars focused on the program changes (my events are more about exam content), so I’ll add them here once I learn of those. Details below the fold.

Two CCNA Webinars w/ Cisco

My friends from Learning@Cisco will host me for two webinars this summer. The first discusses OSPFv2 – a tried-and-true topic for CCNA over the years. However, the new CCNA exam blueprint mentions a few terms that expand OSPF coverage, while some phrasing changes imply less rigor (no troubleshooting). I’ll discuss the exam topics and walk through how to configure and verify OSPF, including an examination of those new-for-CCNA features.

Register for the OSPF Webinar


In early September I’ll do one on a few of the new automation topics in the new CCNA exam, specifically about REST and JSON. I’ll walk through data format concepts, using JSON as an example, and use Postman to show how to make REST calls that use JSON data. Don’t worry if all these terms are new – it’s actually pretty straightforward once you know the context, and we’ll focus on the context (and a little less on the details) during the webinar.

Register for the REST/JSON Webinar


Navigating the CCNA Exam Changes

I’ll teach this live course at Safari Online Books in July to talk you through the changes to the CCNA. While Cisco describes the new CCNA as a consolidated CCNA taken from all the existing CCNA certifications, it is primarily taken from the existing CCNA Routing and Switching exam. I’ll take us through a journey that includes:

  • Program changes for CCNA
  • Your study options for CCNA now, CCNA in 2020, and Skipping CCNA
  • A Review of CCNA Exam Topics – what’s new, what’s removed, what’s still there but changed in some way

Free to Safari subscribers – click to register.


Navigating the CCNP Exam Changes

This live course takes a similar approach to the CCNA course, but with a twist. The new CCNP has many more exams. So, this course moves more quickly from the program details into the CCNP Enterprise Core exam blueprint review. Then, the course discusses briefly each of the concentration exams, long enough to give you some idea of the options.

Free to Safari subscribers – click to register.








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Thanks for letting us know!
I’m very much interested, especially in the second one 🙂

Tony Gibbs

Thanks Wendell for doing these. I think that I will register.

Cheers Tony.


Hi Wendell,

I’ve signed up to the ‘CCNP Enterprise’ session next month. Looking forward to it.

Based on some recommendations, I went and purchased Routing TCP/UP Vol I & II. Do you think these books will provide enough depth regarding the routing related exam objectives on the CCNP ENCORE and ENARSI exams? I’ll probably still get the OCG guides when they are out, but quite a few folks were suggesting to get them so I did.

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