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Cisco’s Pages about the New (May 2016) CCNA R&S Exams

Cisco’s Pages about the New (May 2016) CCNA R&S Exams

🕔13:55, 17.May 2016

Cisco announced new versions (3.0) of the exams related to #CCNA Routing and Switching today. Beyond posting the obvious details about exam numbers, topics, dates, and so on, Cisco has done a wonderful job in supplying lots of interesting detail

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Oh Yeah – the New Books are Out, Too!

🕔09:05, 26.Apr 2013

I’ve been blogging about the Cisco’s exam announcements for a month now, since Cisco released the information March 26th. I’m wrapping up the posts specific to the announcements before moving back to focus on the content in the exams. You

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Premium Edition: Best eBook Option

🕔10:17, 18.Apr 2013

Want eBooks for the new #CCENT and #CCNA Routing and Switching certs? You can just buy the eBook using your favorite eReader. But most people find Cisco Press’s Premium Edition eBooks to be much more valuable. Why? You get the

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The Ins and Outs of #CCENT and #CCNA eBooks

🕔10:15, 18.Apr 2013

eBooks are wonderful. I use a Kindle for leisure reading, my wife/kid use a Nook, and for many people use tablets, readers, or even a laptop to read PDF versions of a book. Buying a novel to read on an

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Sim Options for the New Exams

🕔09:05, 16.Apr 2013

Starting #CCNA prep today? Go for the new exams. But what can you use today, just after announcement, for self-study? Well, the new books are out, in eBook form from day 1. The print books will be out from late

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Using the Old Books to Study for the New Exams

🕔09:05, 9.Apr 2013

The choice to move up to the new and improved Cisco exams for #CCENT and #CCNA seems to be a great option. However, you may have already spent all the $$ in your study budget on materials for the old

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Cisco Moved My Cheese #3: Sticking w/ Cisco, Just NOT R/S

🕔11:05, 3.Apr 2013

You had a plan that started with #CCENT or #CCNA, and then a mad dash to voice, or security, or wireless, or some other Cisco technology. The recent Cisco CCNA announcements left you with some confusion. Today’s post walks through

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Cisco Moved my CCNA Cheese – Options, Part 1

🕔16:35, 28.Mar 2013

Cisco just moved the target for #CCENT and #CCNA. You’ve been studying, and now you are unsure whether to pursue the old exams, or the new. This post begins the conversation, with four posts planned. (It was going to be

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What’s Different About the New ICND2 200-101 Exam for #CCNA?

🕔10:55, 26.Mar 2013

So you’re going for the two exam path to #CCNA, and Cisco threw you either a hurdle or an opportunity with their March 26th announcements. So if you go with the new ICND2 200-101 exam, what are you up against

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What’s Different About the New ICND1 100-101 Exam for #CCENT?

🕔09:40, 26.Mar 2013

While working through revising the #CCENT/#ICND1 Cert Guide for the last 6 months, thinking hard about the revised ICND1 exam topics, some choices made sense to me, and some didn’t.  Frankly, my initial reaction was that Cisco just moved way

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