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This blog focuses on the topics found in the ICND1 exam from Cisco Systems. Cisco also covers these same topics in the CCNA exam – in fact, the ICND1 exam’s topics equal the more basic first half of the CCNA exam’s topics. In effect, this blog covers all of the ICND1 exam, which leads to the CCENT certification, and the first half of the CCNA exam, which leads to CCNA certification.

This Blog is…

This blog will focus on tools to help you when you are in the process of studying for CCENT/CCNA (1st half). While I’m sure I’ll come up with other ideas over time, my original intent is to create a place to post the following:

  • Links to a series of videos that introduce each chapter of the ICND1 Certification Guide
  • Pose sample exam questions, with a place to discuss the question
  • Pose lab exercises
  • Post links to videos that explain some labs and questions
  • Discuss topics related to getting ready to nail the ICND1 exam (and parts of the CCNA exam)
  • React to reader comments about a part of the book by posting clarifications, more examples, or other things that might help someone understand better.

This Blog is Not…

This blog is not intended as a general-purpose forum on CCENT topics. First off, I just don’t have the bandwidth to get to all questions, but more importantly, there is a fantastic place to ask any question that comes to mind: The Cisco Learning Network ( CLN is easily the #1 best community for CCENT and CCNA certification preparation. If you have a question, you can usually search and find an answer pretty quickly. If not, you can post new questions, and expect to see an answer, often times many answers, and very quickly.

More on the Author

By way background, my name is Wendell Odom. I’ve been around the world of networking since my first real job. I started out at IBM in the 1980’s and the early 1990’s, back when IBM was the leading networking vendor in the world. I worked for Cisco for a short time, but have worked with and around Cisco products and technology for most of the last 20+ years. During that time, I’ve been a self-employed consultant, teacher, writer, and creator of lots of Cisco certification products, including the best-selling CCNA Exam Certification Library.

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Other Blogs

I also write a CCNA blog. This blog hits the rest of the topics within the CCNA exam, basically the ICND2 half of the CCNA topics.

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  1. CharlesR March 13, 11:54

    Hi Wendell!

    Foremost, kudos to you in doing a great job helping lots of “CCNA-wannabe’s” out there with yours truly as one of them.

    After doing systems engineering for over 15 years, I still have to find my niche`. I started as a SW developer and worked my way up into almost all aspects of systems engineering.

    In my current job, I’m doing wireless networking in a secure environment and got the first shocker of my career as an SE – I know nothing in networking. I picked up a set of your “CCENT/CCNA ICND1” and “CCNA ICND2” books and went through them in a couple of months. I thought that should suffice but boy was I wrong big time! Each time I walk away from those books and try to get myself involved on simple networking issues, the more I find myself knowing nothing on this subject.

    I decided to enroll late last year in Cisco’s “Accelerated CCNA course” and now planning to take my CCNA exams with end of May as the target date. I’m also currently enrolled in Cisco’s CCNP_E-43 course, another accelerated course which is surely pre-mature since I will be with experienced CCNAs but I’ve always learned fastest with experts around.

    I’ve been a constant follower of your blogs the past few weeks and spending all my free time to reading blogs and learning as fast as I could. I’m setting up a CCNA lab with the objective of evolving it to a CCNP Lab with mainly your CCNA Lab and CCNP Lab blogs as my guidance. I figured I introduce myself to all you experts out there to wish me luck in my journey to becoming a “Network Expert” in less than two years as my goal.

    Thanks again for all your contributions in the networking world and please continue doing what you’re doing.

    God Bless!


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    • certskills Author March 13, 15:01

      Welcome to the networking community! Glad you’re finding some of these blog resources valuable. Please do chime in from time to time and let us know of your efforts and progress towards CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE – wonderful goals, and lots of work to get there! Thanks for the post.

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  2. KevLev March 14, 19:07

    I am looking for a “lab workbook” to go along with a home lab I just put together. I just purchased a home lab which consists of two 2620XM routers, one 2610 router, and two 2950 switches. I’ve been going crazy trying to find some kind of workbook that has “labs” that I can practice and go through on my home setup. Ideally, it would have a “walk-through” so you can check your work or to look at in case you get stuck. I would appreciate ANY suggestions if you can give me some recommendations. Thank you.

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    • certskills Author March 15, 07:26

      To your specific question, there seems to be a lot of hits in google, but I have not seen most of those. I’m sure you already looked there. But a lab book that has lab exercises, a “walk through” for learning – something akin to what you might see in an instructor-led course – the only ones I know of are the lab books Cisco Press publishes for use with the Cisco Networking Academy. I’m holding the one called “Routing Protocols and Concepts”, and has lab exercises, shows the commands used, asks questions to help you realize the main points, at it’s over 500 pages long. But other than the 4 lab books, I don’t personally know of any that fit that bill.

      Outside your question… a lot of people repeat the same topology and configuration seen in the books they read. At least you can check that versus the configuration shown in the book.
      Further outside your question… the Pearson Network Simulator has a ton of lab exercises. (You sounded a little desperate, or I wouldn’t mention it in answer to your question, but…) It would be laborious, but you could do a lot of the labs with 3 routers/2 switches. If you wanted to, you could get the Sim, configure the initial configs from the sim exercise into your real pod, do the lab exercise, etc. The lab PDFs explain the labs, and the longer labs have completed configurations listed. The shorter labs spell out what you should have configured. Imperfect, but oddly enough, the price in retail is maybe a little less than the four Academy lab books put together.

      Sorry it’s not a great answer, but there are a few ideas at least. And I’m sure you already checked Cisco Learning Network (

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      • KevLev March 15, 15:22

        Thanks for the reply. I’m actually thinking about doing it the way you suggested, for most of the reviews on the product are excellent with a few exceptions. And if you’re telling me I’ll be able to look at the pdf’s in the kit and to try and “replicate” the setup with my own home lab, well that’s what I’m trying to do in the 1st place. So I’m thinking I’m paying for the pdf’s so I can duplicate the lab on my “home-lab”, but I’m getting your simulator for free as a bonus. That’s one way of looking at it I guess. But I have a very important question; Where should I order this from? I see it on the Cisco site for $135, but I found it on Amazon for much cheaper at $95. BUT, I can’t find the “downloadable” version on the Amazon site, just the DVD version-(that’s weird, maybe I have to look harder). Also, in some of the reviews, a couple of the people are having nothing but problems when trying to register the product, and have no luck with their tech support, so I don’t want that to happen to me. Any suggestions? If they have it in both DVD & downloadable format at CiscoPress, then why can I only find the DVD version on Amazon? I’d rather go Amazon of course because it’s much cheaper. Please let me know what you think, and thanks for your help.


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      • KevLev March 15, 15:40

        I actually found it even cheaper as a “download” on the “” web site. They have it priced at around the $100 mark, with an additional 20% off coupon you can use during the checkout, so it comes to around $80! Once you answer my questions from the email I sent earlier today, do you think this is a good solution? I mean ordering it through the PearsonVue web site? Please let me know, and thanks again for your help.


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        • certskills Author March 15, 16:02

          On the where to buy, I agree, the web site is the cheapest place right now for the sim. Great to hear about the coupon A’s well! Note that the only place to get the download is from the publisher – they only sell the DVD version through retailers. Also, if you click that link I listed to the certskills info page, and then click the ciscopress link, I’ll make a few bucks, without it costing more for you. Much appreciated to anyone who’s willing to start here:

          As for using the sim for the labs, when you start a lab, it pops the window for the lab exercise PDF. You would then need to do a show run on all devices to reverse engineer th beginning config.maybe do the labs in the sim, and when you want to dig more, take the time to dig in and build it on your gear. You could probably find the files poking around the install directory as well.

          If you go this route, pop back in later and let us know how much you did on the sim vs the real gear – I’d be curious.

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  3. KevLev March 15, 16:16

    No, the Ciscopress site is NOT the cheaper price. In fact, that is the most expensive price at $134. I found it at for like $101, BUT, you can use a coupon code for 20% off of that to make it even cheaper because with that the final price is $81. A BIG difference! My question was, “Do you think I’ll have any issues ordering the download from the PearsonVue web site vs. Amazon or CiscoPress”? Not particular to that site, but I’ve seen several posts from people who purchased it through CiscoPress & Amazon as well, who have had nothing but issues when trying to register the product, saying that the code they received does not take! I’m a little nervous because of those posts, for the people are saying that the tech support does NOT get back to them!!
    On another note, another reason I am leaning towards THIS sim is because you can use it with your ICNDI and II books, which I have already and you have that pdf where you can do the labs and collerate and go along as you read the chapters-another good selling point to get this particular sim.

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    • certskills Author March 15, 17:15

      Ahh, now I get it. If you have the link, it’s ok to add it here. Yep, $80 would be a great price!

      As for the license, the chances are good that it will work. But I don’t have insight into the support process, so I personally can’t help much in that regard. I tested the support process once for this product, and heard back the same day.

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  4. KevLev March 15, 18:48

    I decided to go for it and I’m glad I did, for I did NOT have any problems with the install or the registration. I installed it and then ran an update and so far, so good! In the next day or two, I’ll use the product and then give you guys an update on what I think. But I look at it this way, I got a Simulator FOR FREE, because all I really wanted was the pdf’s so that I can test out the configs and use them in my home lab. But this is great cause I can use this and practice when I’m on the road with my laptop now. For anybody else that’s interested, here’s the info:
    From the link you originally sent me, I went down to the middle of the page and clicked on another link that was a different option to purchase the product from. So, go to
    and when you go to checkout, type
    and use the coupon code “TAKE20”
    Then the final price should be $81.59!
    From the original price of $139 and similiar, you can’t beat the savings!

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    • AJGrayTay November 27, 02:56

      Wow, KevLev, I just wanted to give you a shout out – finding labs that are aimed for physical home labs has been my biggest struggle for the last few months.

      I’ve been on a treasure hunt with dozens of links with labs for Packet Tracer, links to Pearson’s sim, Virl, GNS3… it’s been a pain to figure out. I understand that it’s harder to put a lab guide together for homelabs since OS, appliance versions, etc, will be different for everyone…

      The result has been that I’ve been pushed towards using Packet Tracer, which has been much more productive in terms of getting labs done and solidifying concepts (I reluctantly admit), as I don’t have to constantly console into new appliances.

      There’s plus and minuses to both… in terms of sheer enjoyment, there’s no beating configuring equipment that’s humming away right next to you. 🙂

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  5. Mike December 27, 11:38

    Hi Wendell, Is there a listing of labs that keep them in order of the book chapters? At first look it seems that the labs are mixed up, not in order of book chapters. I would like to do the labs as I go thru the study book but am trying to figure out what labs apply to what chapters. Any suggestions?

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    • CCENTSkills Author December 27, 13:49

      Hi Mike,
      Sure. Just go to the top of the page, the thin blue bar, which lists a menu based on categories. The leftmost two items list the exam number (100-105), specifically:
      100-105 Book Parts
      100-105 Book Chapters

      Click those, and see a pull-down of all the book’s parts or all the book’s chapters, respectively. All study content in the blog, config labs included, are categorized by both chapter and part. So, if you’re reviewing a chapter, use the chapter pull-down, and select your chapter. Likewise, if doing Part review, select the Part. (It’s the same content either way, just organized by Part or Chapter)

      Note that you’ll see all content by chapter (or part), but it’s easy to find the labs based on the logos.

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  6. Wille March 13, 03:06

    Hi Wendell
    May I ask approximately how many % of the labs on this blog are bundled with virl files.
    So far I skimmed a few it seems the only ones missing so are serial connection related.
    I’d like to save the hassle of keeping things up and focus on doing the labs but I have yet to decided if I should get virl or should I do it with GNS3 / some csr 1000v via HyperV

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    • CCENTSkills Author March 14, 10:58

      Hi Willie,
      I can make a guess on the ones labelled as “Config Labs”. The rest are old enough that it’d take a item-by-item review.
      Of the config labs that don’t have serial in them, I’d say 90% have VIRL files posted.

      FYI, you can always just open the .VIRL file with a text editor and extract the config without any markup to remove if you do use another tool.

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  7. sergio March 21, 01:24

    Wendell good night,
    I purchased the new ccna academic edition books.
    Im currently studying chapter 19 but i got a question and i’m so confused. I didnt know an email or somewhere to write you. Do you mind helping me please?

    The question is about RIP Autosummarization.
    Page 443 and 444
    can you provide me an email please?
    My email:

    I hope to have your reponse son

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    • CCENTSkills Author March 23, 15:45

      The info in the book about how to get in touch with us about the book is a little hard to find, but it is listed on page iii of most books, under a heading like “Feedback”. That’s where we get most of the direct contact about the book. But if you’d like to post your question here in this case, that’d be ok.

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  8. anthony March 22, 15:24

    CCENT subnetting question.

    Hello Wendell

    Please can you help me here, I came accross 2 of your questions in the cisco press book for the CCENT book.

    A fellow engineer tells you to configure the DHCP server to lease the last 100 usable IP addresses in subnet Which of the following IP addresses could be leased as a result of your new configuration?

    C ( ..

    A fellow engineer tells you to configure the DHCP server to lease the first 20 usable IP addresses in subnet Which of the following IP addresses could be leased as a result of your new configuration?

    B ( .

    I understand the methodology but I do not understand how they came to the answers, I am baffled! please can you break down the way you came to the answer for me, as I did not get the same answer when I tried to calculate it, maybe I am doing some very silly!

    many thanks


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    • CCENTSkills Author March 23, 15:52

      Sure. All you have to do is find the range of addresses in the subnet, and in this case, find the last 100 addresses (or first 20 for the 2nd question). For that first question:
      Subnet ID is
      Apply subnetting math (which you said you understood) to realize that the range of addresses in the subnet is –, with subnet ID, and subnet broadcast address
      Last 100 addresses are –
      One of the answers is within that range

      Did that connect the dots?

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  9. Ruben April 5, 07:17

    Hello Wendell!
    I tried to find the appropriate place to post this and here seems like the best option!

    I want to thank you for all your work and your patience in this blog answer everyone’s questions…
    You are awesome at your books and the sheer amount of time and content in them is just wonderful.

    I have passed the CCENT exam a few days ago on my first try based solely on self-study, and that by itself, gives me extra motivation to face the 200-105 (and all it’s hardships) head on!
    I used your 100-105 book for study and I even used this blog for a couple of questions and the extra exercises you provide to practice and assimilate stuff.

    Also, thank you for all those extra Appendixes on both your books. You could had just completed the chapters with the topics required and leave it be, but instead, you provided alot of extra material to serve as background for future topics. Not many authors do this! I enjoyed reading them, and I already understand why you included them!

    I wished I had discover all of this years ago!
    Again, thank you!

    PS: You’ll be hearing help requests from me again soon! 🙂

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    • CCENTSkills Author April 5, 07:21

      Hi Ruben,
      first off, congrats on getting your CCENT certification! Woohoo! Make sure to celebrate with your people!
      And thanks for the kind words. The CCNA books have become a large project with all the extras, like some of those you noted. It’s great to hear of people that are using those extras to good effect!
      Hope your ICND2 studies go well.

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  10. Ryan May 7, 12:53

    Excellent book! By far the best study guide for CCNA.
    The whole mind map thing is stupid though. I feel like you guys just got paid to advertise their software or something. I tried it out. I can’t possibly learn from those things.
    Either way, best book ever!

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  11. CGVI May 10, 09:05

    Hi Wendell,

    Your book and blog has been great on my preparation – thanks for your dedicated work.

    I would like to know if you have the Config Lab files available on the Cisco Packet Tracer format as well besides the Cisco´s VIRL format.



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    • CCENTSkills Author May 11, 16:15

      You’re welcome!
      On Packet Tracer, the short answer is no. However, you can design an identical or similar topology in PT, open the .VIRL file with a text editor, copy out the configs, change the interface IDs to match your topology, and build your own PT version in not much time.

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  12. Old Nube December 12, 16:38

    I passed the ICND1 and am working on the ICND2. When I go to the book(200-105) registration page and try to jump to your Cert Skills for that book, I am directed to ICND1 Cert Skills page. Can you please direct me to the Cert Skills for 200-105?

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  13. Ruben January 30, 17:48

    Hello Mr. Wendell!
    Again, I tried to find the appropriate place to post this and here seemed like the best option since you do not have an equivalent ‘about’ section in your CCNA blog!

    After passing CCEnt back in May 17, I finally had the time to finish your ICND2 book, shape the needed edges and go for the exam. I did it and one of my personal goals is now completed so all that self-study was worth it! 🙂
    I want to thank you again for the trouble of writing such an elaborate book, it’s must have been a monster of a task… But your book was the main source for my studies, with the occasional reddit/youtube search and it worked out nicely in the end and I wanted to give you a kind word about it.

    I would also like to thank you for all the help you gave me (and all of us) here in your blog. I’ve spammed your posts countless times asking for clarity, and you also took the time to answer. Again, thank you! Now, if I may, 2 small questions:

    1) When we sign in into and download the digital version of your books, do they come with the latest errata fixes? Or do we still need to keep an eye on that? I searched but couldn’t find any feedback section there…

    2) Again, I took the time to go through all the book’s appendixes, including Frame Relay, and then it came to my head that you haven’t dedicated a lot of pages to DSL (not on the exam blueprint, I know). So this question here is more of a request: Do you happen to have any reading material for DSL that compares to the Frame Relay appendix?

    The reason I ask is because here in Portugal, both Frame Relay and DSL are still very relevant. And I would like to learn a little bit more about DSL instead of just memorizing the needed commands. So if you can point me the right way, I appreciate it!

    As for my next step, getting a proper job should be easier now, but I don’t want to stop here. I’ll probably relax a few weeks and start looking into CCNA Wireless or Security, since CCNP should be out of my league due to lack of real life /nreal gear hand-on experience…

    I promised 2 questions, but I’ll leave a 3rd one: In your opinion, what topics are lacking in this latest revision of the CCNA 200-125? Do you feel they should had included anything else?

    Best regards! See you in a few months in another of your books 🙂

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    • CCENTSkills Author February 1, 16:01

      Hi Ruben,
      Always happy to help those who are working hard and being professional about it! Glad to hear you set and reached your goal – always a relief and a joy. Congrats!

      On your questions:
      1) Page iii of most Cisco Press books list the details of how to give feedback. In some eBook forms, the print page numbering goes out the window. Short version is: send email to, with the title and ISBN in the subject, and it’ll get to the correct editor. It’ll then get to the author if it’s something the author needs to hear about (or not if not.) Honestly though, I would love for that notice to be in BIG LETTERS somewhere so people don’t have to wonder and scan to find it. 🙂

      2) on DSL, interestingly, I’ve never had a reason to get into depth on it for the consumer side of things. I did get into it for the ISP side a while back – a while can be decades for a guy my age; I think this while was late 90’s – but nothing written from WO that’d be useful. I am glad to hear that you found the Frame Relay chapters useful – I just hated throwing that stuff out. I’m glad we kept them on the DVD.

      3) What’d they leave out? Easy peasy: Multigig Ethernet aka NBASE-T. Slicker than slick stuff. Look for the NBASE-T alliance.

      If you look for me in your next books, you’ll have to look hard! There’s lots of Wendell’s words in the CCNP ROUTE and CCIE R&S Cert Guides, but not that you could identify as mine. Both have been revved by other authors since I last touched them, although when browsing them, I can see copy that I know I wrote back in the day. Regardless, enjoy the journey!

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  14. RN March 3, 15:11

    Hi Wendell,

    I think it would be nice and useful if the date and time entries in the comments (such as in this one) will also include the year, no just the day, month and time.

    This is very easy to do and probably requires only a minor configuration change in the blog management console.

    This is needed because there are comments that people post much, much after the blog entries where posted.

    What do you think?

    Thanks and keep up with the good work,


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    • CCENTSkills Author March 7, 10:28

      I like the idea. It’s not an easy setting. The setting for dates in WordPress is already set to include the year, and it’s used for posts, but not automatically used for comments. I might have to make a CSS change, which means a call to my guy. 🙂 I’ll put the task on a list!

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  15. Johan April 6, 10:17

    Hi Wendell,

    I’m planning on buying your CCENT/CCNA 200-125 books.

    I just wanted to ask you if you know if Cisco will release new versions of these exams in the near future?

    The reason I’m asking is that I recently bought a book for the CompTia Network+ but soon realised that there was a new version of the exam about to be released.


    /Johan (from Sweden)

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    • CCENTSkills Author April 9, 10:14

      Hi Johan,
      Thanks for the note, and thanks for buying my books!
      About the next release of the exams: I cannot discuss future exam dates until Cisco first discusses any such dates. That said, I have two suggestions that might help you choose where to buy my books (or any other exam prep products):

      Cisco always announces exams with some time period in which the old and new exams are available.
      They also allow combinations of old and new exams to get a certification, e.g., old ICND1 and new ICND2. Not great for your product purchases, but it gives you time.

      Many book stores in the US would let you return a book if the exam was revised, therefore making the exam obsolete. The reasoning is that bookstores will go out of business if a customer just buys one book and never comes back. So, they often have very generous return policies, in hopes of keeping customers returning to buy more books. Also, bookstores are reimbursed for books by the publisher when returned to the publisher by the bookstore, so it’s usually not a big deal to the bookstore to let you return a book after many months.

      So, if you’re particularly worried about that transition, I’d say buy the books locally from a good bookstore, or even ask them about their return policies.


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  16. Ben June 5, 08:13


    I recently purchased the 200-125 package that has both the ICND1 100-105 & ICND2 200-105 books. I am working on the ICND1 test currently and I installed the Network Simulator Lite from the 100-105 book’s DVD (haven’t even opened the DVD sleeve for the 200-105 book yet), and it actually installed the ICND2 200-105 sim instead which deals with only EIGRP sims. The DVD I ran clearly says ICND1 100-105 on it and when you launch the start.exe application, then click on the ‘Simulator’ tab, it shows that it will install the ICND2 200-105 Network Simulator Lite, even though above that, the title shows ICND1 100-105 Official Cert Guide — can send you a screenshot if necessary. At any rate, how can I get a copy of the 100-105 sim lite that I was supposed to get with this book?

    Ben Scott

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    • CCENTSkills Author June 5, 11:26

      Hey Ben,
      Thanks for the note, and sorry you’ve had trouble with the DVD.
      As to what you describe happening, it’s a surprise to me, but not a shock. So no need to prove it.
      As for a solution, the best path is to follow the support process with the publisher. Everything that touches on the issue has to do with the publisher end of the business – they produce the product, build the DVD, write the software, etc. The process is simple – just go to, at the bottom of the page click “contact us”, and describe the issue. I would image they would send a link so you could download the ICND1 Sim Lite code. and in the form, make sure to include the correct ISBN, because that causes the support ticket to route to the correct folks.
      Sorry for the issue. If you have trouble getting a resolution, do let me know.

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    • Wendell June 22, 17:30

      Hey Ben,
      I heard back more internally on this issue. If you haven’t gotten what you need, you can download the ICND1 Sim Lite here:


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  17. Matt September 10, 21:53

    Hello, I was just curious if I was the only one, but my ICND1 100-105 Official Cert guide came with the ICND2 200-105 simulator lite. Am I the only one, and if so can I get a link to download the ICND1 100-105 simulator?

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    • Matt September 10, 21:54

      Ok, I did not read the very last comment! I see that someone else had the exact same issue. Please ignore the above.

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  18. Tzomb1e October 19, 14:17


    I just wanted to offer a massive thank you for helping me prepare for and pass my ICND1 that I successfully navigated this morning. I am working towards my CCNA in R&S and Security and look forward to learning more from your 200-105 cert book!

    Thank you so much!


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    • CCENTSkills Author October 24, 10:42

      Matthew – you’re very welcome! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and say thanks.

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      • AJGrayTay November 27, 03:02

        Hi Wendell, I’ll chime in my agreement – I haven’t taken my ICND1 yet, but I’ve enjoyed your ICND1 OCG so much I’ve already purchased ICND2. Pouring through your excellent, meaty textbook at night after the kids are asleep is deeply satisfying and makes me wonder why I didn’t get into IT 20 years ago. Thanks!

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  19. Rusty November 13, 01:44

    ICND1 100-105 Ch 13 review question 1

    An engineer at Acxiom Corp was tasked with the subnetting design for a new branch location. The only information the engineer was given is shown here.

    Use the address space

    Plan for each subnet to have at least 5 hosts per subnet.

    Which answers list a correct number of subnet and host bits in a subnet mask that would meet the requirements?

    A. Subnet 5, Host : 3
    B. Subnet: 4, Host: 4
    C. Subnet: 6, host: 2
    D. Subnet: 3, Host: 5

    How do you get the Subnet number and host number?

    I am confused on this question

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    • Rusty November 13, 01:55

      I think I figured out that you are using bits as the subnet number for the last or 4th octet.

      5 /29 , 4 /28 6 /26 3 /27

      What about the host number you have here?

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    • CCENTSkills Author November 27, 10:27

      Hi Rusty,
      Interesting. I’m not aware of where you got that particular question. I don’t think it’s from any of my books.
      Regardless, answering your question requires a pretty long explanation. If I may, read chapters 15 and 21 of my book, and the answers become pretty obvious.

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  20. AJGrayTay November 27, 03:07

    And I forgot to mention – the way the book is designed – the way you articulate a suggested methodology to studying, from start to finish – is clearly tailored for self-study success, and highly thought-through. That’s deeply appreciated!

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    • CCENTSkills Author November 27, 10:36

      Thanks! We have received tons of similar feedback from others on the study plan as well – glad it’s been useful!

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