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100-105 Ch 01: TCP/IP

A: TCP/IP Model Lingo

A: TCP/IP Model Lingo

🕔09:05, 4.Oct 2018 TCP/IP Model? Check. TCP/IP Models? Yes, two of them, but it’s no big deal. Just take the extra minute to remember the details. The latest practice question asks a question that requires you to recall the differences, with the answers Read Full Article
Q: Parsing Layer and Header Terminology

Q: Parsing Layer and Header Terminology

🕔09:05, 13.Aug 2015 One big challenge for #CCENT and #CCNA test takers is interpreting tons of new terminology. Today's post poses a question about headers and encapsulation, with plenty of terms. You job is simple: interpret the scenario, the terms, and answer the Read Full Article


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