Answers to Monday’s Switch LED Question

By certskills April 24, 2015 09:05

Here’s a link to the question. The answer is below the fold.

Answers: A, D

The LED above the actual interfaces (ports) are port LEDs. These LEDs have different meanings depending on the setting of the LED mode, as changed by pressing the mode button on the front of the switch. The mode is identified by a solid green LED being lit in one of three positions: STAT (status), DUPLX (duplex), and SPEED.

When set to SPEED mode, a port LED identifies the speed as follows:

  • LED unlit: 10 Mbps
  • LED solid green: 100 Mbps
  • LED blinking green: 1000 Mbps

When set to STAT mode, a port LED identifies the status, as follows:

  • LED unlit: interface is not up (not in a connect state per the show interface status command)
  • LED solid green: Status is connect, but there is no current traffic
  • LED blinking green: Status is connect, and there is current traffic

Sounds a bit like a reference manual, but if you get around a real switch sometime, play with the mode button and change the modes – that really helps pull these ideas together visually.

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By certskills April 24, 2015 09:05
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  1. Tist June 13, 00:28

    Please what about the duplex mode

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  2. NK September 25, 23:19

    Hi Wendell,
    I think links are not correct. I can see the answers to a question before the question itself.

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    • CCENTSkills October 4, 15:30

      Hi NK,
      Thanks for the heads-up. However, I’m not seeing what you mean. For each, there is one question post and one answer post. The question post was posted first in time, followed by the answers post. Do you mean that if you search, since the search shows them in reverse chronological order, that the list shows the answers first? That I would agree with… but I think we’d have to call it a “feature” of the WordPress search. 🙂 If that’s it, just try and quick the question post first.

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