How Many Hosts/Subnets Speed Practice 3

By certskills February 28, 2012 10:59

Someone came before us at most every company and made up an IP addressing plan. These exams test our ability to look at that plan and decipher what the plan does, including answering this question:

  • “How many subnets does this plan create?”
  • “Host many hosts per subnet”

This post gives you practice, plain and simple. Below the fold, you’ll find five problems. Each lists a class A, B, or C network, and a mask. Assume the same mask is used for all subnets in the network. Then, for each, calculate:

  1. The number of subnets that exist
  2. The number of usable host IP addresses per subnet

Get ready to start your timer! Ready… steady… go!


Want more? Just click here, or to do the same thing, pick the Mask Analysis question category at the top of the blog page.

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By certskills February 28, 2012 10:59
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