Analyzing IP Networks Exercise 1

By certskills June 7, 2012 07:00

This is the My Dear Aunt Sally (Multiplcation/Division/Addition/Subtraction) of the IP addressing and subnetting world. Nothing snazzy, just some extra exercises, and place to ask questions. Today’s post lists sample problems, the follow-up post will show the answers.

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Five Problem Statements

Each problem starts with a Dotted Decimal Notation (DDN) number. Your job:

  • Determine the class (A, B, C, D, E, or none)
  • If A, B, or C:
    1. Find the Network ID
    2. Find the Network Broadcast Address
    3. Find the numerically lowest and highest IP addresses that can be used by hosts in the network

Table 1 lists the five problems.

Table 1: Five Problems for Today’s Post

  DDN Value Class
3 300.300.300.300
Analyzing Classful Networks and My Dear Aunt Sally
Analyzing IP Networks – Answers, Exercise 1
By certskills June 7, 2012 07:00
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  1. Jeff Palin June 11, 10:18

    Hello Wendell. I noticed that you did not overtly specify that we were to use the “basic-defaults” of subnet masks for each network-class (or did I miss something). But I did so, and got everything correct.
    But it was much too easy if you really wanted to test our grasp of the information.

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