ACL Drill Set 3

By certskills October 15, 2015 09:05

Today’s post lists several ACL interpretation exercises. Below the fold, you’ll find several ACEs (ACL commands) as typed in a text editor. For each ACL, you must answer two questions:

1) what range of addresses does each ACE match?

2) Will IOS change any of the access-list commands once copied into the config on a router?

Look below the fold for the questions. For more information about how an ACL or ACE might change once copied into configuration mode on a router, check out the launch post for the ACL Drills in this blog.

  1. access-list 1 permit
  2. access-list 2 permit
  3. access-list 3 permit
  4. access-list 4 permit
  5. access-list 5 permit
A: Which IPv4 Static Routes Could be Useful?
ACL Drill Set 3 - Answers
By certskills October 15, 2015 09:05
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  1. Eric Bohlman October 15, 23:40

    1) – No change
    2) – No change
    3) – No change
    4) – No change
    5) – Changed

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    • CCENTSkills October 16, 10:17

      hi Eric,
      Thanks for playing! Great start.
      So’s not to spoil for others… almost perfect. 🙂 Full answers in a day or so in the next post! Thanks again.

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