$40/router to get IPv6?

By certskills May 24, 2011 11:48

Today I’m just tossing out a poll before to this audience before I offer it in another context. Here’s the setup. You’re going to buy some routers for the lab you’ll use to study for CCNA. You can buy some routers that do everything for CCNA except IPv6. Or… you can buy routers that do everything for CCNA including IPv6, but they’re $40 more each. And you plan to buy 3 routers. What will you do? Feel free to answer, and comment if you like.

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By certskills May 24, 2011 11:48
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  1. Rick November 27, 10:33

    I would get the IPV6 routers, I plan on continuing my Certs past CCNA and I will need them eventually

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  2. brahooke July 6, 12:59

    I would not buy any physical equipment for just a certification because you may not even pass it and then you would be stuck with equipment that is overkill for SOHO. There is a guy I know whose employer paid for a kit of 3 brand new routers and switches for him to train for the exam and he could not pass it and he had brand new enterprise level equipment he did not know how to configure after giving up.

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    • certskills Author July 7, 11:17

      To each his own with spending your money. EG, if I were just getting into CCNA, no way I’d spend on new enterprise gear at 1000-3000 per device on the low end, but I’d likely spend 100-200 for useful used gear at some point. Maybe after learning a lot w/ the free Packet Tracer or some inexpensive paid tools like the Pearson Sim. Just another opinion.

      For all – note that the example of $40 for an IPv6 router… this post is over 10 years old now, so most any used Cisco router these days likely supports IPv6 well. FYI.

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