Specific Searches for Your #CCNA Lab in Feature Navigator

🕔10:47, 27.Sep 2013

If you did your #CCNA home lab homework from last week’s post, you probably learned a lot… including the fact that you can get frustrated using Cisco Feature Navigator (www.cisco.com/go/fn). Searching with that tool requires some decent skills at interpreting

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#CCNA Home Lab Homework: Cisco Feature Navigator

🕔09:05, 18.Sep 2013

At some point when building a #CCNA home lab, you will need to choose the specific devices, from the specific seller, to add to your home lab. For some of you, that choice may be stressful. Others may be more

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Narrowing Your Router Search Based on IOS Version

Narrowing Your Router Search Based on IOS Version

🕔10:03, 4.Sep 2013

Turn your #CCENT and #CCNA home lab search upside down for today’s post. Instead of thinking “I need routers”, think about routers as simply a place to run router IOS. Then, think about what router IOS version you want to

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